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Tekiosk is a digital solidarity e-commerce platform offering authentic experiences and high-quality handmade products by indigenous communities in Puebla, Oaxaca, Guanajuato, Michoacan Chiapas, Estado de Mexico and Veracruz.


The featured authentic merchandise is made with the highest quality in mind for consumers to enjoy. With every purchase, Tekiosk customers have the organic opportunity to support a dignified life for the producers and their families.

Tekiosk is an ethical product digital store that is eco-friendly. With ethics in mind, we are committed to lowering our carbon footprint and ship only once a month; a value that aligns with our supporters who also care for our planet. Please note that none of our producers do mass manufacturing and for that reason our stock is limited in quantity while focusing on quality. Once the stock is sold out, customers must wait for the next season or production cycle. We are a farm to table and slow fashion supporter recognizing the talent of our artisans and the need for them to have the best quality of life possible.




Co working space :: Oaxaca México

We WELCOME projects in the realm of   Design, Sustainability, Wellness, Textiles,Film, Music Dance and other disciplines that want to collaborate, learn, create with the local communities.

You get one month of access to;

  • Private room

  • Welcome dinner

  • 2 days of private tours to meet locals within your specialty

  • Common space in a 3,000 sq ft 

  • Work space 400 sq ft (more if needed)

  • Meet and greet reception 

  • Galley space open to the public for one week 

Previous visits have allowed our clients to conduct television pilots, commercial links, fashion collections, art exhibitions, conferences, product development and creative exchanges and local visits.

We hosted professors from NYC, Michigan University, Wisconsin  University, Television and Radio personalities and top 500 companies in previous visits and of course mindful guest interest in collaboration under ethical relationships with the locals.

Applications for 2021 residencies being accepted until Nov 1,2020. Price based on length of residency, minimum one week.

NOV -SUMMER months are usually book 10 months on advance 




Sustainability and ethical business focus.


The  4 week program welcomes Design Students to be part of a strategic team that will launch sustainable brands along side of selected endemic communities through innovative and quality projects with the goal to preserve and promote the Mexican heritage/tradition as a way to embrace and the vision of the participants allowing the students to receive credit for the social services and give visibility for their  innovation. The final work will be promoted across the USA given credit to the participants.

The residency is a combination of learn-teach-play dynamics


Week 1 Students will live with the community

Week 2 Students will develop outline of project

Week 3 Students will execute prototypes

Week 4 Students will prepare exhibit of final work.


Ideal for Product developers who want to explore the possibility and gain knowledge in  practices and goos business models,  learn how to collaborate with endemic communities under a respectful practices and students in Industrial, textile, design, photography, marketing and business focus individuals who want to gain better understanding and take a proactive approach to doing good business. ethical practices  and gaining practical experience with professors who are active practitioners in the industry.





with ethical practices 

We help facilitate logistics and relationships for a fun and profitable visit.

2 sourcing trips a year  help combat plagiarism and cultural appropriation.

The visits to local markets and visits the artist workshops as a way to honor the artist talent and bring your business  profitable and affordable luxury items with cultural relevance under an ethical practices in the most iconic cities of CDMX

where you will visit one of the largest markets in Latin America with around 15 thousand products from all around Mexico with popular pricing visiting the best restaurants including one of our favorites Michelin star, "Pujol".


We continue to Puebla where you find the traditional "Talavera"iconic utilitarian ceramic including tiles and other decorative home crafts.


Following a few days in Oaxaca  where you will find specialize unique items that make the perfect products for specialty gifts ending the trip at the beach for some R & R to unwind before coming home to make good business

  ONlY 2 annual 10 day trips Feb  & Sep.



      Taking care of one self is a priority and a necessity not a luxury 


Starting in Oaxaca City know as a TOP DESTINATION located in the central valleys full of culture, architecture, history and some of the best gastronomic experiences Mexico has to offer, well visit Zapotec temples, textiles shops, colonial cathedrals, art stores, and dine in some of the best restaurants in town.

Mexico is a multicultural country that knows how to preserve its ancient rituals and traditions of its various peoples and cultures. In your visit you will partake of its pre temazcal a pre-hispanic sauna , and the mushrooms that grow in the local forest.

Out trip continues in a town nestle in between the mountains at  2,5000 meters above sea level we’ll find San José del Pacífico a beautiful place know for its beauty mountains perfect for hiking, meditating and the consumption of mushrooms in the region dates back to ancient times: they were already used by the Zapotecs for rituals of self-knowledge and religious revelation.

We end the trip visiting a coffee farm and one full day at the beach to realx in front of the waves, sun and relxation.

“When I loved myself enough, I began leaving whatever wasn't healthy. This meant people, jobs, my own beliefs and habits – anything that kept me small.  My judgement called it disloyal. Now I see it as self-loving.”
Kim McMillen



Top Destinations by

'Travel & Leisure magazine" 2020

Recipient of "food and reader awards" and known for "The best gourmet destination"by Forbes magazine, "Hottest food destination", "Best Beaches in México"

The state is known for its indigenous cultures, 16 officially recognized. Is  the 5th largest  state in Mexico, There are more than 8,400 registered plant species, 738 bird species and 1,431 terrestrial vertebrate species, accounting for 50% of all species in Mexico

The 7 day trip will take you thru colonial and pre hispanic architecture, meet and greet with local personalities, magical natural landscapes and give you exclusive experiences with the locals.

The Trips was started as a way to share with our followers the beauty of Oaxaca and support our social initiatives that benefit the communities we work with Guelaguetza includes parades of indigenous walking bands, native food, and statewide artisanal crafts, such as Pre-Hispanic-style textiles. Each costume, or traje, and dance usually has a local indigenous historical and cultural meaning.

 This event it usually books 10 months in advance 




"The Top City in the World" 

by Travel + Leisure

The tradition was inscribed in the List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO


Mexico is a multicultural country that knows how to preserve its ancient rituals and, in turn, add different meanings and traditions of various peoples and cultures. 

In your visit you will be witness the particular vision of death  as a  different collective consciousness: death, understood as an ally of life, as that which accompanies us since we are born.

The multi-day holiday involves family and friends gathering to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died, and helping support their spiritual journey. In Mexican culture, death is viewed as a natural part of the human cycle. Mexicans view it not as a day of sadness but as a day of celebration because their loved ones awaken and celebrate with them. Music, gastronomy and celebrations are part of the experience in the central valleys follow by a visiting a coffee farms  and one full day at the beach in front of the waves, sun and relaxation.

The 10 day trip will take you thru colonial and pre hispanic architecture, meet and greet with local personalities, magical natural landscapes and give you exclusive experiences with the locals.

Our projects create exchanges that foster cultural awareness, language skills and create inclusive solutions for the complex and exciting challenges of the future based on values for sustainable strategic development as defined by the UN with the help of strategic partners.

The work done could not be possible without the support of our network, get involved !

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