Difundir la cultura mexicana a nivel internacional en formas creativas.

Promote the Mexican culture internationally in creative ways.



Vincular organizaciones e individuos que buscan el beneficio de las comunidades  para un desarrollo sostenible. 

Connect organizations and individuals who seek the sustainable development of our communities 

Month-long co-living experience in Oaxaca, México

We have a covid-free bubble where humans can feel like humans again.

By invite only co-living experience of creatives and designers from around the world – facilitators, event producers, technologists, musicians, and more – who are passionate about creating experiences that inspire awe and facilitate human connection. Specific to leaders in the world of experience design,  ecology, mindfulness.

What to expect 

  • Stunning vista of the mountains yet near the city.

  • Private rooms, fast WiFI + coworking space, guided weekend experiences to nearby pueblos and nightly family dinners with the exception of the weekends when we have chefs meet and greets. (see photos in the comments)

  • The perfect location. The property is surrounded by hiking & mountain bike trails, is 20 minutes from Oaxaca City .

  • A culture of co-creation, ask/offer, and experimentation where all participants agree to respect the integrity and intellectual property of the local communities.

  • We'll have a film team capturing the magic & amplifying the brands, stories, and ideas of the participants.

  • Well have a closing ceremony at the beach.



We're now accepting applications & nominations. Nominate your friends who you see yourself having this experience with!

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All proceeds go towards socially responsible initiatives and programming

Sending love and gratitude for your friendship, shine on!