Difundir la cultura mexicana a nivel internacional en formas creativas.

Promote the Mexican culture internationally in creative ways.



Vincular organizaciones e individuos que buscan el beneficio de las comunidades  para un desarrollo sostenible. 

Connect organizations and individuals who seek the sustainable development of our communities 


 Mexico Cultura y Orgullo was founded to celebrate MÉXICO,: the knowledge and ancestral talent of Mexicans across the county. The project took a journey (literally) of 7 years when we decide to explore México through the eyes of our host in a authentic way, visiting diverse regions and learning from the locals during the process.  The visits help us co-create initiatives that support solutions for the future with ethical practices. 

The initiatives founded been featured in the Huffington Post, Univision, Stanford Radio, NPR ro name a few and our initiatives been awarded Humanitarian awards such as the Zaragoza awards and the California Senate. 

The Co-living/gallery space was created where indigenous communities can move forward by towards human investment, financial justice and social change,The co-living/Gallery is conveniently located in front of Centro de Arte de San Agustin Etla  , Oaxaca and offers the following activities :





Mont long co-living experience in Oaxaca, México this December 2021, Dateline to apply still Sep 15, 2021

It's an invite-only gathering of experience creatives and designers from around the world – facilitators, event producers, technologists, musicians, and more – who are passionate about creating experiences that inspire awe and facilitate human connection. Specific to leaders in the world of experience design, ecology, mindfulness.

We're creating a covid-free bubble where humans can feel like humans again.

A stunning vista of the mountains yet near the city.

Private rooms, fast WiFI + co-working space, guided weekend experiences to nearby pueblos and nightly family dinners with the exception of the weekends when we have chefs meet and greets. 

The perfect location. The property is surrounded by hiking & mountain bike trails, is 20 minutes from Oaxaca City .

A culture of co-creation, ask/offer, and experimentation where all participants agree to respect the integrity and intellectual property of the local communities. We'll have a film team capturing the magic & amplifying the brands, stories, and ideas of the participants.

Well have a closing ceremony at the beach.


Two annual trips to celebrate the most iconic celebrations of Mexico, DAY OF THE DEAD and GUELAGUETZA the largest indigenous gathering. Limited spaces available to make sure everyone has the best experience with personalize attention 


We facilitate solutions for your business from purchasing art, designing private label products or producing special events. Two biannual trips to source hand made goods of quality and heritage focusing on gallery quality and unique goods.