Adriana Pavón, a fashion designer and business consultant, spent a sabbatical in Oaxaca, Mexico. During her time there, she realized that the indigenous artist communities were already filled with talent and excellent work ethic, but lacked resources to market and offer their products in a way that would be more profitable and sustainable for them and their families. Simultaneously, Pavón noticed that business owners seeking new products in Mexico often go with good intentions but lacking a better understanding of how they could best serve the local artists communities. In many other cases, there has been complete disregard of the needs of the communities that create products that are marketed at high prices outside of Mexico. 


Pavón decided to found Mexico Culture & Pride (México Cultura y Orgullo) as a project that would celebrate the knowledge and ancestral talent of artists, while empowering communities to showcase their heritage.

Mexico Culture & Pride helps streamline revenue directly into the hands of artisans, who deserve better compensation and fair business relationships through sustainable initiatives.

Pavón found an ideal venue for the project in San Agustin Etla, and opened a co-working space that has since served numerous communities as a host of events, pop ups, training and other community building activities

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