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Globalization means that business strategy and business ethics cannot be separated from each other. – Ofra Strauss


Share the knowledge, celebrate our culture and promote the authenticity of our regions and relationships with artists & entrepreneurs 



Our services are available through special presentations, educational classes and custom those interested on fair trade, collective models and mindful business development.


Previous guest includes television pilots, commercial links, fashion collections, art exhibitions, conferences, product development and creative exchanges and local visits.


  OCTOBER 1 -31 2023

Dateline to apply is MARCH 15, 2023

The month long co-living experience  is an invite-only gathering of experience creatives and designers from around the world – facilitators, event producers, technologists, musicians, and people in STEM who are passionate about creating experiences that inspire awe and facilitate human connection. Specific to leaders in the world of experience design, ecology, mindfulness.

We're creating a place where humans can feel like humans again.

A stunning vista of the mountains yet near the city.

Private rooms, fast WiFI + co-working space, guided weekend experiences to nearby pueblos and nightly family dinners with the exception of the weekends when we have chefs meet and greets. 

The perfect location. The property is surrounded by hiking & mountain bike trails, is 20 minutes from Oaxaca City .

A culture of co-creation, ask/offer, and experimentation where all participants agree to respect the integrity and intellectual property of the local communities.

We'll have a film team capturing the magic & amplifying the brands, stories, and ideas of the participants.

Well have a closing ceremony at the beach.

Nominate your friends who you see yourself having this experience with!

All proceeds go towards socially responsible initiatives and programming

Sending love and gratitude !

Important dates: MARCH 15,2023  

March 30 Participants announced

Oct 1 residency begins 

Oct 31 Residency ends

Where: Mexico City, Puebla,Oaxaca, México

What’s included: Private bedroom High speed WiFi Co-living space 3,000 Co-working space 2 daily family style meals ( breakfast and dinner) Weekend transportation/ trips to iconic places in Oaxaca. Closing ceremony.

What’s the cost: $2,899 in the following payment schedule.

First payment of  $1,000 upon acceptance. MARCH 30

Second payment $1,000                                  MAY30

Final payment OF $899                                    JULY 30


What’s expected of me: •Be goal oriented •Be mindful you are a guest in a new culture and respect their intellectual property

(collaborations with proper credit are expected •Share your brilliance with housemates in your free time at your discretion •Donate a class of your talents to the local community ( your choice, it can be a dancing class, English as a second lenguaje, etc) you are brilliant be creative.  Your flight to and from Mexico City. Your lunch during the week. • Keeping space as tidy as you found it.

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