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"If we are going to be part of the solution, we have to engage the problems." 

-Majora Carter, urban revitalization strategist and broadcast producer


This residence is focused  in the design of authentic Mexican products, respecting small indigenous business helping secure  employment, preventing migration issues and  family separation.developing students into mindful entrepreneurs with an interest in socially responsible businesses.

The LAB is a residents will  launch the collection/brand of a local micro entrepreneur while learning the trade and creating social impact along gaining experience and creating a practical portfolio for future job hunting, perfect for students, practitioners who want to developed work with the purpose, strengthening human, social, economic and cultural relationships.

Residents present the final project to a panel of experts who provide feedback, ensure the ethics  practices are applied, transparency and fair payment  is guarantee to the communities for a stable income.

n addition to obtaining school credits and a payment from the artist.

The program closure ends with a presentation to the public of their project in a pop up shops environment and students get a percentage of the sales during the event and a dinner to celebrate and honor the contribution of the participants. 



Week 1

Residence with locals to learn skills, challenges and processes.

Week 2

Development of work proposal and design thinking.

Week 3

Proposal of work to the host and activation or return to the draft.

Week 4

Execution, delivery of systems and closing celebration.

$ 2500

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