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Los Pream

We visited Tlahuitoltepec, a town immersed in the Oaxaca mountain range, which has been the birthplace of great musicians and textile workers who in recent years have struggled to publicize their talent in search of the respect they deserve.

We received the invitation of Los Pream, a young band with members of the town who have merged different rhythms to give a new way to listen to music, to show the musical ability they have developed since childhood.

It was Wednesday, 3 in the afternoon, we arrived accompanied by the official photographer of the band, Jalil Olmedo, on the way he was already telling us anecdotes of the band, after three hours of sharing a taxi we met a large group of enthusiastic people who were preparing to go to the place where they would record the first album of Los Pream. The rain came and did not stop until a couple of hours later, it made us have a lovely view of the mountains, with mezcal in hand we talked with Kunt, the trombonist of the band, who was our first approach to them and who kindly shared us his house. When the rain stopped we were able to leave to meet the rest of the group, we walked a few meters and arrived at an adobe house, where the instruments were ready, the engineers had assembled their equipment and were ready to start recording, meanwhile we were able to approach To each member and to talk with them, each one of them told us about his musical career, about his emotion of being there and of sharing with other talented musicians who also show themselves as good friends. Well, from the name of the band you can see the camaraderie, Pream, which is a common way in Tlahui to recognize someone you know, it's a greeting, an attachment, it's a community.

Although shy at the beginning, just a moment of coexistence was enough to make us feel part of the group, each one told the way in which the band was integrated, while a group of movie enthusiasts recorded each moment; We shared coffee, mezcal, bread, fruits, it was time for them to start playing and we enjoyed a private, intimate concert, full of enthusiasm to make the sound perfect to show it on the album, they recorded first base, it was already very night and decided to stop but in all you could see the emotion of what was happening.

Immersed in the mountain, surrounded by adobe, each member becoming one with his instrument, this was the first night of recording of what will be a great musical copy, with original sounds, thought and senses for each of the Pream that together are An auditory pleasure.

Thank you Kunt, Konk, Uri, Vladimir, Andres, Mario, Oscar for sharing your talent, for opening your heart and telling us what Pream does.

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