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Difundir la cultura mexicana & nuestros valores a nivel internacional en formas creativas por el derecho de no migrar.

Promote the Mexican culture & values  internationally in creative ways for the right not to migrate. 


Vincular organizaciones e individuos auténticos  éticos que buscan el beneficio de las comunidades  para un desarrollo sostenible. 

Connecting authentic ethical organizations and individuals to create sustainable development of our communities 






Our commerce and design platform generates community strengthening human, social, economic and cultural ties. Mexico Cultura y Orgullo was founded to celebrate  the people , culture, biodiversity and creativity MÉXICO has to offerSince our inception from researching textiles we grown expand our causes and help those who need our help in education, sustainable living, commerce and the arts. Every project is a contribution toward making our world a better place We are a event platform for independent talent that seek to promote their products  through self distribution. The MCO space was created where indigenous communities can move forward by towards human investment, financial justice and social change,The MCO is is conveniently located in front of Centro de Arte de San Agustin Etla  , Oaxaca :

Creating space for guest to collaborate with natives under the following initiatives


Our initiatives founded been featured in the Huffington Post, Univision, Stanford Radio, NPR to name a few and our initiatives been awarded Humanitarian awards such as the Zaragoza awards and the California Senate, so if you’re looking to contribute a donation or your time, please get in touch today. Making a positive difference has never been so easy.



Isa Jubes 
Stanford University radio host

I met Adriana Pavón around 2016 when she was receiving an award at Stanford University for her outstanding work with the LatinX and Mesoamerican native populations.

I have seen MCO organizing support for victims of earthquakes and natural disasters, and successfully procuring and delivering food, blankets, and basic needs for people affected by disasters when they most need it. Consistently had worked ethically for the community, and have all my admiration and support in all the endeavors.

image_6487327 (1).JPG

Max Ceballos 
Former MCO resident 

 Being someone creative I asked to be involved.

MCO's house is like a portal of connection , honesty , and love. As cheesy as that sounds it's my personal opinion . It’s truly magical. I can really see the house being like a hub or beacon of something very profound It is starting to set some real foundation to do something meaningful from the core of my honest, creative, and authentic self which I am also benefiting from the reciprocation of love and connection . I feel like I'm with my family whenever I am teaching here and that would not have happened without MCO's support .


Mariate Arnal
Google LATAM

In times of disaster I know of MCO's humanitarian efforts, particularly of how they provided key help during the earthquake of 2017 through collecting over 40 tons of goods and services and her involvement in the economic recovery campaign during the Covid pandemia. 

I have supported  as a client and I have recommended friends who have supported the work as well. Our experience has always been a great one. The merchandise has always arrived in good shape and on time and she has sent videos of the artist and processes of how they are made with emphasis of showcasing and honoring the origin of the community and traditions.

Our projects create exchanges that foster cultural awareness, language skills and create inclusive solutions for the complex and exciting challenges of the future based on values for sustainable strategic development as defined by the UN with the help of strategic partners.

The work done could not be possible without the support of our network, get involved !


We work hard everyday to better the lives of our c recipients through our many causes — including Accesible technology and education for Children, Dignified Housing the Homeless, fighting plagIarism and protecting indigenous communities intellectual property.

Learn more about our efforts and how working together can make a lasting impact! Contact us if you’d like more information on how to donate or volunteer. Our battle is against indifference, and we would love for you to become part of that change today.


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