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Mindful Travel

Valentines day! 

February 10-17 ( 7 days)

CDMX - Tepozotlán - Huatulco

"Treat your significant other to a one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day experience in Mexico. From exploring colonial cities to lounging on pristine beaches, your love story is waiting to be told."

Fine dining, culture, Architecture, hot air balloon ride, boat ride . CDMX - Oaxaca- Huatulco

Romantic Couple

Mom and Me trip

May 5-12  (7 days)

Mexico City - Puebla -Morelos

Treat yourselves to a Mom and Me trip in Mexico. Our Mom and Me trip to Mexico offers a perfect blend of relaxation, fun activities, and quality time to honor mom. Connect, explore, and create lifelong memories.Don't miss out!"

Baking with Mom

Day of the Dead 

Oct 26- Nov 5  (7 days)

Mexico. CDMX - Puebla- Oaxaca

"Experience the soul-stirring magic of Mexico's Day of the Dead firsthand. Our expertly curated trip will immerse you in the traditions, ceremonies, and artistic expressions of this iconic celebration."One of the most sought after celebrations in

IMG_0696 (1).jpg

Quinceañera in México

 August 18-27, 2024  (10 days)

Guadalajara - Michoacan - San Miguel de Allende - Queretaro - CDMX.

"Make your Quinceañera unforgettable with our exclusive trip to Mexico.

grab your parents and go on a magical hot air balloon ride, strike a pose in a professional photo shoot, and create memories you'll cherish forever. enjoy this trip for 3.  Embrace the importance of spending quality time together, reminiscing about our ancestors, and passing down traditions to the next generation.   #FamilyTime #MexicanTraditions #AncestralRoots

Image by Christina Langford-Miller

Casa Azul tour for Spring Break

 March 21-28 (7days) 

CDMX - Oaxaca -Huatulco

Join us on a journey to the vibrant and artistic heart of Mexico with our exclusive Casa Azul Tour!

Immerse yourself in the rich culture and artistic legacy of Frida Kahlo as we explore her hometown and the enchanting city that inspired her masterpieces.  From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, this tour is a kaleidoscope of color, history, and creativity

Photo Aug 21, 7 19 58 PM.jpg


July 28-August 4  (7 days)

Oaxaca- San Jose del Pacifico -Huatulco

 Join us for a fiesta like no other! Guelaguetza, the festival of sharing, is your ticket to experiencing the rich tapestry of Oaxacan culture. Let the celebrations begin! 🎊 #OaxacaFiesta #GuelaguetzaExperience


Holidays with Family in Mexico  

  Dec 23- January 2, 2024  (10 days)

Guadalajara - Michoacan - San Miguel de Allende - Queretaro - CDMX.

Family is the heart of our culture! Embrace the importance of spending quality time together, reminiscing about our ancestors, and passing down traditions to the next generation.   #FamilyTime #MexicanTraditions #AncestralRoots

Family Reunion

Holistic Retreat

 Sep 7-14 2024  (7 days)

 CDMX - Puebla - Oaxaca

Dreaming of a getaway that combines knowledge, adventure, and breathtaking destinations? Look no further than our Holistic Retreat for continuing education!

Embark on a 7-day journey through Mexico City, Oaxaca, and Puebla as we bring together practitioners from all over for an unforgettable knowledge exchange. Immerse yourself in the world of holistic business and discover new perspectives.

But it's not all work and no play! Our retreat also includes exciting excursions, allowing you to experience the vibrant culture, mouthwatering cuisine, and stunning landscapes that Mexico has to offer.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. Join us on our Holistic Retreat for the ultimate adventure of a lifetime!


With the support of MCO and Designer Adriana Pavón we work by design   to provide quality, long-term solutions for a number of pressing issues affecting our community. Our most significant causes are those that are often brushed aside by most. Our projects create exchanges that foster cultural awareness, language skills and create inclusive solutions for the complex and exciting challenges of the future based on values for sustainable strategic development as defined by the UN with the help of strategic partners.

Our platform generates community strengthening human, social, economic and cultural ties. Mexico Cultura y Orgullo was founded to celebrate  the people , culture, biodiversity and creativity MÉXICO has to offer.

Core Principles - Valores Principales

    Honesty - Honestidad

 Humility - Humildad

Mutual Respect - Respeto Mutuo

Transparency -Transparencia

    Long term vision - Vision a largo plazo

The proceeds of the events help us fund binational educational programing, dignified housing, job readiness programs and gender equality activities for the right not to migrate. 

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